We are Odoo business solutions provider in Retail industry.

Retail software is integrated to manage your physical store sales with POS. Consolidate all your sales channels in real time integrated control with accounting, inventory and accurate forecasts to manage procurements. Control sales and cash in real time with accounting and the sales journal reporting in G/L.
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We provide consultation, implementation, integration, customization, user training and after sale services.

Odoo ERP address the critical component of Information Processing within to enhance their productivity, profitability and client responsiveness of a retailers organization, it’s done through the usage of Odoo Software Modules, such as:-

  •  CRM
  •  Sale
  •  POS
  •  Procurement
  •  Inventory
  •  Accounting

This comprehensive suite of Odoo application within the Odoo platform will streamline and enhance the productivity of the enterprise. The Odoo platform allows senior management to be well informed of the progress of the organization, in meeting the company’s Retailers Strategy, and its Growth and Profitability targets.